Clicker Training For Beginners

Learn how to clicker train your dog step-by-step! Discover what clicker training is, how it works and how to teach your dog lots of behaviors and tricks. Start now! Click on the "Clicker Training Basics" link below to begin learning how to clicker train your dog.

  1. Clicker Training Basics
  2. What You'll Need To Begin Clicker Training
  3. Teaching the Click
  4. Training Sessions
  5. Sit (Lure Method)
  6. Sit (Shaping Method)
  7. Stand
  8. Down (Lure Method)
  9. Stay
  10. Come
  11. Go To Your Place (Shaping Method)
  12. Targeting
  13. Close The Door
  14. Shake
  15. Wave
  16. High Five
  17. Roll Over
  18. Spin
  19. Play Dead
  20. Luring or Shaping a Behavior
  21. Do I have to keep using the clicker forever?
  22. Do I have to keep using treats?
  23. Clicker Training Problems and Solutions